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Few tales in history are as inspirational and exciting as the achievement of Flight. Thousands of books and films have been written and produced about the various aspects of the men and machines involved. Two extraordinary men of ordinary circumstances and position, persevered and followed through with the quest for flight in spite of all obstacles. A century has passed since they opened the door for all others to pass through. Aviation impacts virtually living person, almost every day of their life, in some way. 2003 has renewed our appreciation and recognition and admiration of their accomplishments.

In our admiration and appreciation, there are many who enjoy studying their records, photographs and odd bits of memorabilia, which give some special insight to the details, both large and small, of that great human story. Some autograph collectors feel a sort of mystical connection with the pioneers, when they are able to hold the exact piece of paper that the signer once held in their own hand.

It seems only natural that studying and collecting those historical vignettes often overlaps other major collecting fields such as coin collecting; stamp collecting; autograph collecting; book collecting etc. Many collectors are just as happy with a two dollar postal cover with a nice bit of art, as they are with thousand dollar photograph. Original documents and artifacts are treasured and handed down through generations, or find new appreciative collectors at auctions and sales.

There is no end to the types of little discoveries and revelations that continuously and eventually surface. One of our oddest acquisitions came when the funeral home that handled Orville’s funeral, offered us the original files of the funeral record and death certificate when they were about to close. Not at all macabre, it brings a smile to all who see it because the very ordinary line on the Death Certificate allotted for “usual occupation,” uniquely lists “Inventor of airplanes.” Finding the occasional unique sculpture and painting are highlights of the “Thrill of the Hunt,” which any collector can understand. Like the promise of Flight, the joys of collecting offer endless possibilities and opportunities. One never knows what will be offered at the next auction, in the next letter, in the next phone call, or at the next aviation meet or show.

For the more casual interest, we offer some samples from our Wright collection to view and enjoy. Of course if you have a Wright related item to offer us or discuss with us, feel free to email .

Art selection (4 images)
Art selection (4 images)

As an advanced aviation collector, finding little to add during the 2003 Centennial excitement, I decided to commission a series of quality Wright art to enjoy.
Others asked me for prints of my original art and these are now being offered here. One item is almost gone, just through "word of mouth" sales...



A selection of Wright trinkets and treasures from decades of aviation collecting.



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