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Hans von Schiller

A signed note from Captain von Shiller, who flew of 14 different Zeppelin airships. Was Captain of LZ 129 "The Hindenburg." He ended his carreer as Captain of "The Graf Zeppelin" @ $75.

J. A. D. McCurdy

One of Aviation's Giants. A clean, signed cover.Too much history to list-but J.A.D. McCurdy, along with Alexander Grahame Bell, Baldwin, Selfridge and Glenn Curtiss formed the AEA, the Aerial Experiment Association, in Oct, 1907 to build a practical aeroplane. He held Aero Club of America license #18, British Pilot License #1, formed the first Canadian Aircraft company in 1909-before the Wright Bros, and the first ever air-to-ground telegraph transmission..@ $95 SOLD .

Henry Woodhouse

Famous financier and supporter of Early aviation. Woodhouse was President of The Aerial League of America. He was author of two classic WWI aer references, "The Textbook of Naval Aeronautics" (1917) and "The Textbook of Military Aeronautics" 1918. Rough Aerial League signed doc with clear signature @ $55

Formation of The Wright Company

The hand-written signatures of Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright on the seventh, and final, page of the original document that formed The Wright Company, on November 27, 1909.

Three rare WWI Pilot Autographs

1 7/8 x 4" Autograph signed by WWI Italian ace Colonel Francis Carlo Lombardi, 8 V's rare @ $95 Autograph of WWI French ace (6 V's)Jean Fraissinet (with "553-14-3") ? Interesting (and confidence in authenticity) because it is signed on the back of famous WWI collector Steve St. Martin's Cross 7 Cockade business-type card as a WWI Collector historian. RARE @ $95 2 x 4 1/2" autograph of U.S. Ace "Frank Hays Lt. 13th Sqdn WWI" (7 V, ALL Fokker D.VII!)@ $85 .

WWI U.S. Ace Douglas Campbell

Three paragraph typed letter signed in blue ink by Douglas Campbell, Nov 26,1918. Very excellent content criticizing specific named planes used in pursuit schools. Talks about schools excellent planes so inadequate they robbed the course of most of its value. Idea of doing combat work and gunnery with Thomas Morse so-called scout & Hisso motored J.N.4 ridiculous. Mentions Vought VE-7 and SE.5. Important letter by famous U.S.ace @ $150.

First U.S. Ace

Douglas Campbell blue ink signed letter on his Cos Cob Ct stationary listing his six victories & their location & when he was wounded,
where he spent entire period of my combat w/ 94th Sqdn & mentions Billy Mitchell and Gen. Carl Spaatz.
Interesting grumpy ending of I dont have a crystal ball.

Exc content of first person account historic record of victories @ $95.SOLD

Lucien H. Thayer

Unique group of personal papers of Lt. Lucien Thayer, Air Serive, Journalist, Newspaper reporter. Thayer was officially assigned to record the history of the US Air Service in WWI. His resulting book is considered one of the primary research sources. This shows how and where he was shuffled about and where he was located to record this history..

Lucien H. Thayer

This is an important WWI archives proving he was on the scene(s) at the time he recorded this history , including first person, observations. There are some unique original documents with the signatures of Thayers and Air Service officers and commanders in Special Orders that are signed and officially stamped along with his personal Officers Record Book and other unusual items..

Lucien H. Thayer

One gives interesting list of strength of enlisted and officers of Air Service, Infantry, Cavalry, Marines & headquarters officers. Thayers unique and significant official assignment to record the history of the Air Service, gives these documents added importance. The (Unique)set of Thayers personal papers @ $375 .


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