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My father and I always believed that the key to Museum quality replica and reproduction aircraft was the availability of original aero engines and instruments. Of course, these same items were critical in the hundreds of original restorations that we provided original parts for.

For many years, we were the world's leading source of original WWI German and Austro-Hungarian aircraft instruments. This was made possible by our acquisition of a single collection of 395,000 original pieces, found in a rural town in Europe, years ago. *Most of it was original hardware. The instruments were only a small percentage of that collection. We have supplied them to most of the world's flying replicas, and most of the museums in the world restoring original aircraft. We also traded many of our duplicate instrument examples for other rarities from their collections.

A major part of the Gertler Collection has been its broad selection of vintage instruments and cockpit equipment - which has often provided a vital source of these items to museums and restoration projects the world over.
Preview selection (53 items)
Preview selection (53 items) An initial selection of instruments and other items.


Engine parts (8 items)
Engine parts (8 items) A selection of Aero engine instruments and parts.



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