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For decades, weve always had enough historic aero engines, aircraft, instruments and other artifacts in our personal collection, to fill a decent museum. When we moved South in 1993, first we had a three day auction with mostly vintage aircraft and parts and it STILL took five 48 tractor trailers to move our remaining engines, parts, a few race cars and 400 crates of books with us. Since that time weve changed the collection to focus on library and archival material for historic aviation reference. Sometimes it has been necessary to purchase entire collections in order to add one important section to our library. So weve wound up with a great many duplicates of rare early aviation periodicals, books, manuals, and photos.

NEW SERVICE! Affordable Aviation Image Scans. If you are offput by the $30-$60 fees charged by most aviation museums and archives for (usually 300 dpi) digital scans of aviation photos and negatives, try US.. We have more than 120,000 aviation negatives and more than 40,000 prints, including major British Commonwealth Collections and original first generation photos and negatives from the archives of the Curtiss Wright and Waco and other aircraft Company files/archives. Contact us if you wish to be emailed an MS Excel (general listing) file with index (42 pages) containing makes, models, subjects, quantities. Feel free to inquire about any specific aircraft type or topic, or even specific registration or military ID number. We are currently providing high res scans of approx 600 dpi (at ten inches wide) for only $9.00 each, on a trial basis. Usually scanned from our huge negative collections, or first generation photos, they can provide many small details and features. We cannot guarantee how long that low price can be maintained.

We continue to liquidate our remaining collection of all those rare instruments we would never sell or trade in the past. The accumulations of hundreds of box lots of miscellaneous auction items and collection purchases has resulted in a substantial group of historic and interesting material that has been on our shelves for years, and is now available to other collectors. So consider most of the items you see on these pages as For Sale or Trade, f they are still in our collection. That will exclude the aero engines and race cars. Contact us for pricing and availability.

We can also offer one of the largest and best selections of museum quality original aviation art by famous artists and superb originals and prints of Wright related paintings in honor of the 2003 Centennial of Flight. These and many other odd and fascinating bits of memorabilia touching the history of air racing, The Pioneer era, the Golden and Classic eras; WWI and WWII; and some of the rarest and highest quality authentic signed photos and documents covering the span of all aviation history cannot all be covered here without continuous rotation, so keep visiting.

Having dealt with such International treasures as the Original Wright Company archives, the authenticity of all our signed material, has been a critical consideration. In an Internet filled with items of questionable value, weve been honored by the confidence and security others mention when obtaining material from our well known and respected collections. And we do everything in our power to make certain that confidence is maintained as we enter into our seventh decade of full-time experience and service in these fields..

We accept Cash, check or Money Order or Paypal in U.S. For overseas, we can accept credit card payments ONLY if made through PayPal. (See for info) or International Money Orders. In some cases we can accept bank payments by wire. Checks can be accepted provided the buyer pays the equivalent of $15 U.S. additional to cover the fees our bank charges to handle them. Trade offers are always welcome.

Insurance is strongly advised for all orders and shipments over $50. but is at the buyers option. We can supply the shipping cost and insurance cost, once we add up the order and weigh it.


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