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When we moved South and no longer had or 6000 sq ft facility in NY, we gradually liquidated our warehouses full of rare aero engines, vintage aircraft and parts. We did keep four tractor trailer loads of vintage aircraft parts, instruments and our massive aviation library.

To compensate for the absence of the aeronautical and racing treasures we thinned out, we re-focused on collecting some of the best aviation art ever painted. We purchased 17 Original Jim Dietz paintings, some 130 Original Hubbell art works (Most of which had been exhibited in the Smithsonian-Hubbell being the most popular aviation artist of all time), and commissioned numerous works with Wright Brothers themes, and added a fine collection of 50 original fine, pen & ink drawings of WWI British aircraft by the worlds leading authority, J.M.Bruce, that were done some 60 years ago. Various other singular gems fill out the art collection

Due to popular demand we had quality prints made of some of the Wright-themed paintings by Pierce ODonnell, to honor the Wright Brothers. They are not available from any other source. We hope that the signed and numbered Limited Edition prints will be choice collectibles of the future.

Since we doubt there will ever be adequate space for us to display this entire collection at our home, we are also offering this original museum grade art to other collectors and investors. We are not too concerned about which specific items are sold off in this thinning process, as anything that remains is certainly among the best and most popular aviation art ever created. Always eager to discover new and interesting aviation items for our collections, we are just as interested in trade offers.

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Art of Charles Hubbell
Art of Charles Hubbell

Charles Hubbell was unquestionably the most popular aviation artist in history. Most of his original art was painted on commission for Thompson/TRW Co. We have the aviation art that Hubbell painted for himself, and some of it is offered for sale or trade.


Art selection (4 images)
Art selection (4 images)

As an advanced aviation collector, finding little to add during the 2003 Centennial excitement, I decided to commission a series of quality Wright art to enjoy.
Others asked me for prints of my original art and these are now being offered here. One item is almost gone, just through "word of mouth" sales...



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