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In the early years of collecting, our focus was primarily on vintage aero engines.

It was decided to try to collect pre-WWII aero engines because they were generally, more affordable and took up less space. In the 1960’s and 1970’s most major museums had an aversion to building or displaying replica or reproduction aircraft. They prided themselves in displaying original aircraft and artifacts, while replicas were considered to be a “counterfeit” exhibit. As examples of older aircraft gradually deteriorated or wore out, and were sent to landfills and scrap yards, that policy gradually changed and museums realized that the only way they would be able to show the public examples of some famous and innovative aeronautical developments, would be to construct replicas and reproductions that were built to the same specifications as the no-longer available original planes.

We had always considered the fact that the key to restoring or replicating many of these aircraft was to use original engines and instruments, which could NOT be easily duplicated, and fabricate wood or steel or aluminum airframe around them, that were built to original specs. We are proud to say that there are several hundred flying replicas and reproduction projects that we have been able to supply these essential items to. For several decades, we would only sell or trade engines that were surplus to our own collection.






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At the height of the engine collection/display, we had 175 different pre-WWII aero engines. 48 were WWI and earlier. 19 were the only ones in the world. Now that our collection has changed focus to the aviation reference library, documents and art, they are all in museums or aircraft projects all over the world. Here are some examples.



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